Sherry Veronica Westercamp


As a holistic practitioner, my intentions are to increase awareness of alternatives by which one can experience more balance, awaken one's life energy force from within & reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. All with the hope that one's body will let go of the pain and emotions that serve no purpose.

My goal is to HELP RESTORE YOUR BODY'S VITAL ENERGY FLOW through a variety of healing arts that focus on the Nervous System & Chinese Meridian System in combination with therapeutic essential oils.

Through a practitioner's heart centered work and a client's desire to be proactive in their own healing process, this purposeful intent may be approached.

'You must love yourself unconditionally. With no exceptions. Part of that love means honoring your mind with stillness. Your spirit with oneness. And your physical body with wellbeing'.



Faith makes things possible, not easy.