Warranty/Receipts/Miscellaneous copies

PSA Script for June 2022

Anesthesia for gallbladder operation

Inspection document

John's Vaccination card

Linda's Vaccination card


Pilot hole size for wood screws

Discount Tire replacement

Discount Tire warrenty for 3 non replaced tires

Electric Bike Receipt

Electric Bike Invoice

Xray review from Dr Otero

Dell Inspiron 3671 invoice

Lenovo Receipt


Cosco Tires

Citi Card Extended warranty info

Linda's Chair receipt

Citi Card Extended warranty Claim form

Proform 2000 Treadmill receipt

Treadmill Delivery Form

ProForm5000 Manual Cover with Serial#

ProForm 5000 Pro Warranty (last page of manual)

AIG Financial Auth Form to close account

Hearing Report