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Note to Michael explaining presents

Gage does 10 pull-ups - Christmas 2018

Liz's room

Kate's debut

Kate watching mobile

Kate and Michael in stage chairs

Grand Parents, Jet & Shelby, Liz, Michael & Kate (8 months old)

Kate (8 months) sits and claps for Kari and Ethan

Kate 9 months crawling

Kate's Christmas book

Kate & Michael play peekaboo (Kari makes a cameo appearance)

Kate wakes up and is then gunned down

Michael's first year of rec soccer

Edwards family Christmas Kate's singing debut

Kate's nursery rhymes

Kate's 4th Birthday party

The Hang Show staring Michael & Kate (with Sophie in bit part as a stage hand)

Kate and Michael return from school - Lock dad out

Jake Aaron Aurora Kate & Michael

Puppet Show: Michael, Kate, Aurora

Michael's first video game

Michael's trick

Michael Dillon caterpillar

Michael vs. Danial Murphy (28 sec match)

Michael vs. Moe Farnsworth (semi finals)

Michael vs. Jake Halvorsen (finals)