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We have 274 books in our database. We've read 247 books and there are 27 books under consideration.

Date Title Author ACTION
Apr.02.24Holmes, Marple & PoePatterson, JamesEdit | Delete
Apr.02.24The Secret Book of Flora LeaHenry, Patti CallahanEdit | Delete
Mar.16.24The Last Devil to DieOsman, RichardEdit | Delete
Mar.16.24Tom LakePatchett, AnnEdit | Delete
Mar.04.24First Lie Wins (under consideration)Elston, AshleyEdit | Delete
Mar.04.24The No. 1 Ladies' Detective AgencySmith, Alexander McCallEdit | Delete
Mar.04.24The Perfect MarriageRose, JenevaEdit | Delete
Feb.18.24Death Comes to Marlow (under consideration)Thorogood, RobertEdit | Delete
Feb.18.24The WomenHannah, KristinEdit | Delete
Feb.05.24Dead MountainPreston, Douglas and Child, LincolnEdit | Delete
Feb.05.24The Thin ManHammett, DashiellEdit | Delete
Jan.17.24The Last Party: A NovelMackintosh, ClareEdit | Delete
Jan.17.24YellowfaceKuang, R.F.Edit | Delete
Jan.04.24The Wishing GameShaffer, MegEdit | Delete
Jan.04.24Little MonstersBrodeur, AdrienneEdit | Delete
Dec.11.23The Crossing PlacesGriffiths, EllyEdit | Delete
Dec.11.23The Spy Who Came in From the ColdLeCarre, JohnEdit | Delete
Nov.28.23'Twas the Bite Before ChristmasRosenfelt, DavidEdit | Delete
Nov.28.23Letters from the Dead (under consideration)Robinson, SteveEdit | Delete
Nov.28.23The Christmas GuestSwanson, PeterEdit | Delete
Nov.28.23The HousemaidMcFadden, FreidaEdit | Delete
Nov.21.23The Spy CoastGerritson, TessEdit | Delete
Nov.09.23Mrs. Plansky's RevengeQuinn, SpencerEdit | Delete
Nov.09.23The Last List of Mabel BeaumontPearson, LauraEdit | Delete
Oct.22.23The Dutch HousePatchett, AnnEdit | Delete
Oct.10.23Daisy DarkerFeeney, AliceEdit | Delete
Oct.10.23The Wake Up CallO'Leary, BethEdit | Delete
Oct.01.23The Lost BookshopWoods, EvieEdit | Delete
Sep.12.23At the Coffee Shop of Curiosities (under consideration)Webber, HeatherEdit | Delete
Sep.12.23The CoworkerMcFadden, FreidaEdit | Delete
Sep.07.23Lying Next to MeOlsen, GreggEdit | Delete
Aug.27.23None of This is TrueJewell, LisaEdit | Delete
Aug.27.23Symphony of SecretsSlocumb, BrendanEdit | Delete
Aug.20.23An Immense WorldYoung, EdEdit | Delete
Aug.20.23The Echo of Old BooksDavis, BarbaraEdit | Delete
Aug.07.23The Murders in the Rue MorguePoe, Edgar AllenEdit | Delete
Aug.07.23The Purloined LetterPoe, Edgar AllanEdit | Delete
Aug.07.23The Mystery of Marie RogĂȘtPoe, Edgar AllanEdit | Delete
Aug.07.23Age of Vice (under consideration)Kapoor, DeeptiEdit | Delete
Aug.07.23I Will Find YouCoben, HarlanEdit | Delete
Jul.21.23A Man With One of Those FacesCaimh McDonnellEdit | Delete
Jul.21.23Leaving Time Picoult, JodiEdit | Delete
Jul.12.23Girl in IceFerencik, EricaEdit | Delete
Jul.12.23Zero DaysWare, RuthEdit | Delete
Jul.01.23Where the Truth LiesHolmes, RupertEdit | Delete
Jul.01.23The Heart's Invisible Furies (under consideration)Boyne, JohnEdit | Delete
Jul.01.23Things We Never Got Over (under consideration)Score, LucyEdit | Delete
Jun.22.23Happy PlaceHenry, EmilyEdit | Delete
Jun.22.23The Marlow Murder ClubThorogood, RobertEdit | Delete
Jun.04.23The Engineer's WifeWood, Tracey EnersonEdit | Delete
May.20.23I Have Some Questions For YouMakkai, RebeccaEdit | Delete
May.20.23The SoulmateHepworth, SallyEdit | Delete
May.03.23HorseBrooks, GeraldineEdit | Delete
Apr.21.23Romantic Comedy (under consideration)Sitteneld, CurtisEdit | Delete
Apr.21.23The BodyguardCenter, KatherineEdit | Delete
Apr.21.23The London Seance Society (under consideration)Penner, SarahEdit | Delete
Apr.21.23The Secret Life of Sunflowers (under consideration)Molnar, MartaEdit | Delete
Apr.21.23The Twist of a KnifeHorowitz, AnthonyEdit | Delete
Apr.09.23Klara and the SunIshiguro, KazuoEdit | Delete
Apr.09.23Mistaken IdentityScottoline, LisaEdit | Delete
Mar.29.23All Good People HereFlowers, AshleyEdit | Delete
Mar.29.23Never LieMcFadden, FreidaEdit | Delete
Mar.29.23The Lost TicketSampson, FreyaEdit | Delete
Mar.12.23Murder Your EmployerHolmes, RupertEdit | Delete
Mar.12.23The Bullet That MissedOsman, RichardEdit | Delete
Feb.19.23How to Sell a Haunted HouseHendrix, GradyEdit | Delete
Feb.19.23SparePrince HarryEdit | Delete
Feb.19.23The MeasureErlick, NikkiEdit | Delete
Feb.06.23Demon CopperheadKingsolver, BarbaraEdit | Delete
Jan.20.23All Creatures Great and SmallHerriot, JamesEdit | Delete
Jan.20.23Sometimes People Die (under consideration)Stephenson, SimonEdit | Delete
Jan.20.23The Sleeper AwakesWells, H. G.Edit | Delete
Jan.05.23When We Believed in MermaidsO'Neal, BarbaraEdit | Delete
Dec.22.22The Authenticity ProjectPooley, ClareEdit | Delete
Dec.03.22Her Final BreathDugoni, RobertEdit | Delete
Dec.03.22Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and TomorrowZevin, GabrielleEdit | Delete
Nov.20.22Iona Iverson's Rules for CommutingPooley, ClareEdit | Delete
Nov.20.22Killers of a Certain AgeRaybourn, DeannaEdit | Delete
Nov.08.22The Personal LibrarianBenedict, MarieEdit | Delete
Oct.29.22Fairy TaleKing, StephenEdit | Delete
Oct.10.22The Woman in the LibraryGentill, SusanEdit | Delete
Oct.10.22The House of SilkHorowitz, AnthonyEdit | Delete
Sep.22.22Lessons in ChemistryGarmus, BonnieEdit | Delete
Sep.22.22The Maid: A NovelProse, NitaEdit | Delete
Aug.31.22A Splendid RuinChance, MeganEdit | Delete
Aug.31.22The Woman on the Orient ExpressAshford, Lindsay JayneEdit | Delete
Aug.12.22MetropolisShapiro, B.A.Edit | Delete
Aug.12.22Remarkably Bright CreaturesVan Pelt, ShelbyEdit | Delete
Aug.03.22The Secrets of WishtideSaunders, KateEdit | Delete
Jul.20.22It's a Wonderful WoofQuinn, SpencerEdit | Delete
Jul.20.22Take Your Breath AwayBarclay, LinwoodEdit | Delete
Jul.08.22West With GiraffesRugledge, LyndaEdit | Delete
Jun.14.22Finding DorothyLetts, ElizabethEdit | Delete
Jun.07.22The Sisters BrothersdeWitt, PatrickEdit | Delete
May.21.22The Great Train RobberyCrichton, MichaelEdit | Delete
May.21.22Book Lovers Henry, EmilyEdit | Delete
May.21.22The Paris Apartment (under consideration)Foley, LucyEdit | Delete
May.21.22The Recovery Agent (under consideration)Evanovich, JanetEdit | Delete
May.07.22CongoCrichton, MichaelEdit | Delete
May.07.22Find MeBurke, AlafairEdit | Delete
May.02.22MuggedRosenfelt, DavidEdit | Delete
Apr.15.22Apples Never FallMoriarty, LianeEdit | Delete
Apr.04.22The Remains of the DayIshiguro, KazuoEdit | Delete
Mar.10.22Eight Perfect HoursLouis, LiaEdit | Delete
Mar.10.22Mr. Flood's Last ResortKidd, JessEdit | Delete
Mar.10.22The VerifiersPek, JaneEdit | Delete
Feb.26.22DogtrippingRosenfelt, DavidEdit | Delete
Feb.05.22The Man Who Died Twice: A Thursday Murder Club MysteryOsman, RichardEdit | Delete
Jan.24.22A Line to KillHorowitz, AnthonyEdit | Delete
Dec.19.21Great Circle: A NovelShipstead, MaggieEdit | Delete
Dec.06.21Silent BiteRosenfelt, DavidEdit | Delete
Dec.06.21Open and ShutRosenfelt, DavidEdit | Delete
Oct.26.21The Lincoln HighwayTowles, AmorEdit | Delete
Sep.28.21Mary JaneBlau, Jessica AnyaEdit | Delete
Sep.08.21The Extraordinary Life of Sam HellDugoni, Roberrt Edit | Delete
Aug.22.21How the Penguins Saved VeronicaPrior, HazelEdit | Delete
Aug.22.21Last Summer at the Golden HotelFriedland, ElyssaEdit | Delete
Aug.14.21The Last AnniversaryMoriarty, LianeEdit | Delete
Jul.21.21How LuckyLeitch, WillEdit | Delete
Jul.21.21The Family UpstairsJewell, LisaEdit | Delete
Jul.12.21No ExitAdams, TaylorEdit | Delete
Jul.04.21While Justice SleepsAbrams, StaceyEdit | Delete
Jun.22.21ThunderstruckLarson, ErikEdit | Delete
Jun.22.21The Last Thing He Told MeDave, LauraEdit | Delete
Jun.22.21Eight Perfect MurdersSwanson, PeterEdit | Delete
May.20.21The Four WindsHannah, KristinEdit | Delete
Apr.28.21The Lost ApothecaryPenner, SarahEdit | Delete
Mar.21.21Redemption Road: A Novel Hart, JohnEdit | Delete
Mar.21.21Moonflower MurdersHorowitz, Anthony Edit | Delete
Feb.21.21Finlay Donovan Is Killing ItCosimano, ElleEdit | Delete
Feb.21.21Miss Benson's BeetleJoyce, RachelEdit | Delete
Jan.29.21The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Adams, DouglasEdit | Delete
Jan.29.21Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop CafeFlagg, FannieEdit | Delete
Dec.31.20The Thursday Murder Club Osman, RichardEdit | Delete
Dec.31.20Midnight Library (under consideration)Haig, MattEdit | Delete
Dec.31.20The Lager Queen of Minnesota Stradal, J. RyanEdit | Delete
Nov.10.20The Bean TreesKingsolver, BarbaraEdit | Delete
Oct.27.20Anxious People: A NovelBackman, FredrikEdit | Delete
Oct.27.20Tuesday Mooney Talks to GhostsRacculia, KateEdit | Delete
Sep.03.20Bark of NightRosenfelt, DavidEdit | Delete
Sep.03.20Razor Girl A NovelHiaasen, CarlEdit | Delete
Sep.02.20The Last Flight: A NovelClark, JulieEdit | Delete
Sep.02.20The Haunting of Maddy ClareSt. James, SimoneEdit | Delete
Jul.14.20Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American FamilyKolker, RobertEdit | Delete
Jun.18.2020,000 Leagues Under the SeaVerne, JulesEdit | Delete
Jun.18.20The Guest List: A Novel (under consideration)Foley, LucyEdit | Delete
May.29.20Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34 (under consideration)Burrough, BryanEdit | Delete
May.29.20The Indigo Girl A NovelBoyd, NatashaEdit | Delete
May.06.20VerityHoover, ColleenEdit | Delete
May.06.20Love with a Chance of Drowning: A MemoirDeRoche, TorreEdit | Delete
May.01.20The Flatshare A NovelO'Leary, BethEdit | Delete
Apr.03.20The Life and Times of the Last Kid PickedBenjamin, DavidEdit | Delete
Apr.03.20The SleepwalkerBohjalian, ChisEdit | Delete
Mar.12.20The Stranger DiariesGriffiths, EllyEdit | Delete
Mar.12.20The Sentence Is DeathHorowitz, Anthony Edit | Delete
Feb.12.20The Alice Network A NovelQuinn, KateEdit | Delete
Feb.12.20The Overdue Life of Amy BylerHarms, KellyEdit | Delete
Jan.24.20Such a Fun Age (under consideration)Reid, KileyEdit | Delete
Jan.19.20Dachshund Through the SnowRosenfelt, DavidEdit | Delete
Jan.19.20The GhostwriterTorre, Alessandra Edit | Delete
Jan.19.20The Library Book (under consideration)Orlean, SusanEdit | Delete
Jan.06.20Mr. Dickens and His CarolSilva, SamanthaEdit | Delete
Jan.06.20My Sister, The Serial KillerBraithwaite, OyinkanEdit | Delete
Jan.06.20Then She Was GoneJewell, LisaEdit | Delete
Nov.25.19A Noise DownstairsBarclay, LinwoodEdit | Delete
Nov.25.19Rules of CivilityTowles, AmorEdit | Delete
Nov.24.19Dog LogicStrelich, TomEdit | Delete
Oct.24.19Once upon a RiverSetterfield, DianeEdit | Delete
Aug.21.19Matchmaking for BeginnersDawson, MaddieEdit | Delete
Aug.05.19An Elderly Lady Is Up to No GoodTursten, HeleneEdit | Delete
Aug.05.19The Colorado KidKing, StephenEdit | Delete
Aug.03.19LayoverBell, DavidEdit | Delete
Jun.03.19The Only Woman in the Room Benedict, MarieEdit | Delete
Apr.28.19Who is Vera Kelly? (under consideration)Knecht, RosalieEdit | Delete
Apr.28.19The Lost Man (under consideration)Harper, JaneEdit | Delete
Apr.28.19TranscriptionAtkinson, KateEdit | Delete
Apr.28.19The 7 1/2 Lives of Evelyn Hardcastle (under consideration)Torton, StuartEdit | Delete
Apr.28.19The Banker's Wife Alger, CristinaEdit | Delete
Apr.28.19Before She Knew Him (under consideration)Swanson, PeterEdit | Delete
Mar.30.19Extreme PreySandford, JohnEdit | Delete
Mar.14.19In a Dark Dark Wood Ware, RuthEdit | Delete
Mar.14.19The Silent Patient Michaelides, AlexEdit | Delete
Mar.09.19The Current (Trish & John read - Linda & John did not)Johnston, TimEdit | Delete
Feb.19.19Lethal WhiteGalbraith, RobertEdit | Delete
Feb.05.19The Word is Murder Horowitz, AnthonyEdit | Delete
Jan.16.19Bluebird, BluebirdLocke, AtticaEdit | Delete
Jan.04.19Nine Perfect StrangersMoriarty, LianeEdit | Delete
Dec.23.18Where the crawdads singOwens, DeliaEdit | Delete
Dec.23.18Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (Linda & John read - Trish & John did not)Honeyman, GailEdit | Delete
Oct.23.18The Death of Mrs. Westaway Ware, RuthEdit | Delete
Oct.23.18Something in the Water (under consideration) Steadman, Catherine Edit | Delete
Oct.03.18Never Look AwayBarclay, LinwoodEdit | Delete
Aug.18.18The President is Missing Clinton, Bill and Patterson, JamesEdit | Delete
Jul.10.18Edgar and Lucy A Novel Lodato, VictorEdit | Delete
Jul.09.18Brideshead RevisitedWaugh, EvelynEdit | Delete
May.28.18An American Marriage (under consideration)Jones, Tayari Edit | Delete
May.28.18Turtles All the Way DownGreen, JohnEdit | Delete
Apr.14.18Into the Water Hawkins, PaulaEdit | Delete
Apr.14.18The Wife Between Us (under consideration)Hendricks, GreerEdit | Delete
Apr.14.18The Flight AttendantBohjalian, ChrisEdit | Delete
Apr.14.18The Woman on the Orient Express (under consideration)Ashford, Lindsay Jane Edit | Delete
Apr.14.18Kill Creek (under consideration)Thomas, ScottEdit | Delete
Mar.03.18The AlienistCarr, CalebEdit | Delete
Mar.03.18The Murder of Roger AckroydChristie, AgathaEdit | Delete
Feb.10.18The Woman in the WindowFinn, A.J.Edit | Delete
Feb.04.18Down River: A NovelHart, John Edit | Delete
Dec.02.17The Pale Blue EyeBayard, LouisEdit | Delete
Nov.01.17Before We Were YoursWingate, LisaEdit | Delete
Oct.01.17Days Without NumberGoddard, RobertEdit | Delete
Sep.01.17Beneath a Scarlet SkySullivan, MarkEdit | Delete
Jul.13.17My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She is SorryBackman, FredrikEdit | Delete
May.01.17A Man Called OveBackman, FredrikEdit | Delete
Mar.21.17A Gentleman in MoscowTowles, AmorEdit | Delete
Mar.03.17The Girl BeforeDelaney, JPEdit | Delete
Mar.01.17Ordinary Grace Krueger, William Kent Edit | Delete
Jan.01.17Orphan TrainKline, Christina BakerEdit | Delete
Jan.01.17The Orphans Tale Jenoff, PamEdit | Delete
Nov.01.16The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay Chabon, MichaelEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16Before the FallHawley, NoahEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16Career of EvilGalbraith, RobertEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16The Book of SpeculationSwyler, ErikaEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16The Finest HoursTougias, Michael JEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16The Kind Worth KillingSwanson, PeterEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16The Lake HouseMorton, KateEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16The Last ChildHart, JohnEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16The Life We BuryEskens, AllenEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16The Night Managerle Carre, JohnEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16The NightingaleHannah, KristinEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16The Secret KeeperMorton, KateEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16The Silent SisterChamberlain, DianeEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16The SilkwormGalbraith, RobertEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16The Wright BrothersMcCullough, DavidEdit | Delete
Jan.01.16Trust Your EyesBarclay, LinwoodEdit | Delete
Jun.01.15The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry: A NovelZevin, GabrielleEdit | Delete
Jan.01.15At the Waters EdgeGruen, SaraEdit | Delete
Jan.01.15LauraCaspary, VeraEdit | Delete
Jan.01.15Mr. MercedesKing, StephenEdit | Delete
Jan.01.15One for the MoneyEvanovich, JanetEdit | Delete
Jan.01.15The Girl on the TrainHawkins, PaulaEdit | Delete
Jan.01.15The Given DayLehane, DennisEdit | Delete
Jan.01.15The Prisoner of ZendaHope, AnthonyEdit | Delete
Jan.01.15The Truth About the Harry Quebert AffiarDicker, JoelEdit | Delete
Jan.01.14A Study in ScarletDoyle, Arthur ConanEdit | Delete
Jan.01.14Cold MountainFrazier, CharlesEdit | Delete
Jan.01.14Defending JacobLanday, WilliamEdit | Delete
Jan.01.14The Cuckoos CallingGalbraith, RobertEdit | Delete
Jan.01.14The Lost WorldCrichton, MichaelEdit | Delete
Jan.01.14The Secret HistoryTartt, DonnaEdit | Delete
Jan.01.14The Thirteenth TaleSetterfield, DianeEdit | Delete
Jan.01.14Vandemarks FollyQuick, HerbertEdit | Delete
Jan.01.13The Book ThiefZusak, MarkusEdit | Delete
Jan.01.13The GoldfinchTartt, DonnaEdit | Delete
Jan.01.13The Kite RunnerHosseini, KhaledEdit | Delete
Jan.01.13The Lords of DisciplineConroy, PatEdit | Delete
Jan.01.13The Woman in WhiteCollins, WilkieEdit | Delete
Jan.01.13Treasure IslandStevenson, Robert LouisEdit | Delete
Jan.01.13Zenn ScarlettSchoon, ChrisEdit | Delete
Jan.01.1211/22/63King, StephenEdit | Delete
Jan.01.12A Confederacy of DuncesToole, John KennedyEdit | Delete
Jan.01.12Gone GirlFlynn, GillianEdit | Delete
Jan.01.12State of WonderPatchett, AnnEdit | Delete
Jan.01.12The Cider House RulesJohn IrvingEdit | Delete
Jan.01.12The FallsOates, Joyce CarolEdit | Delete
Jan.01.12The Fault in our StarsGreen, JohnEdit | Delete
Jan.01.11Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie SocietyShaffer, Mary AnnEdit | Delete
Jan.01.11The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TimeHaddon, MarkEdit | Delete
Jan.01.11The HelpStockett, KathrynEdit | Delete
Jan.01.10Beach MusicConroy, PatEdit | Delete
Jan.01.10Major Pettigrews Last StandSimonson, HelenEdit | Delete
Jan.01.10Murder on the Orient ExpressChristie, AgathaEdit | Delete
Jan.01.10St. MaybeTyler, AnneEdit | Delete
Jan.01.10The Camel ClubBaldacci, DavidEdit | Delete
Jan.01.10The Girl with the Dragon TattooLarsson, StiegEdit | Delete
Jan.01.10The Life of PiMartel, YannEdit | Delete