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Alice and Bob Meet the Wall of Fire Edit | Delete
A complete idiots guide to string theoryEdit | Delete
A Cotswold KillingEdit | Delete
At HomeEdit | Delete
Big HistoryEdit | Delete
Farewell to Reality bad sound Edit | Delete
How to hide an empireI'm upto the war on the PhilipinnesEdit | Delete
HyperionEdit | Delete
In the Plex: How Google thinks, worksEdit | Delete
Know This: Today's Most Interesting and Important Scientific Ideas, Discoveries, and Developments Edit | Delete
Life 3.0Edit | Delete
Life after GoogleEdit | Delete
Liquid RulesEdit | Delete
Lock every doorEdit | Delete
Mysteries of Modern PhysicsEdit | Delete
Off the RailsEdit | Delete
Once upon a riverEdit | Delete
Orphan XEdit | Delete
Reality is not what it seemsEdit | Delete
Rolling in the DeepEdit | Delete
Round about the EarthEdit | Delete
Save the Cat! Strikes backEdit | Delete
Sex at DawnEdit | Delete
Strange AngelEdit | Delete
Stuff MattersEdit | Delete
The Aliens are commingEdit | Delete
The Edge of PhysicsEdit | Delete
The Edge of uncertainyEdit | Delete
The experts guide to 100 things everyone should know aboutEdit | Delete
The great unknownEdit | Delete
The Innovatiors Edit | Delete
The overdue life of Amy BylerEdit | Delete
The Picture of Dorian GrayEdit | Delete
The Price of TimeEdit | Delete
The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen Edit | Delete
The universe in a nutshellEdit | Delete
Thinking About It Only Makes It WorseEdit | Delete
This book will blow your mindEdit | Delete
Time RebornEdit | Delete
Understanding Complexity Edit | Delete
Zin in the Martial ArtsEdit | Delete