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get map of union station, grand station, and Addison station, roosevelt (red line L)262.00Edit | Delete
put PT instructions on webwalkway261.00Edit | Delete
take reading glasses, shampoo, jeans, two shirts, extra shorts, black and white socks, back scratcher, magnifying glass, sound machine echo dot260.00Edit | Delete
take some alive tablets and my pill box259.00Edit | Delete
trip: check outside faucets258.00Edit | Delete
trip: take all the folder contents for hotel, train and ball game257.00Edit | Delete
trip: take pillows and new blanket256.00Edit | Delete
Trip: take ipod and phone charges for Linda and I255.00Edit | Delete
fix event alert add so that it defaults to today254.00Edit | Delete
read No Exit by Taylor Adams248.00Edit | Delete
cancel avast premium by August 22246.00Edit | Delete
connect second gosund plug (move desk lamp to porch)244.00Edit | Delete
check my sustainability index on personal capital 243.00Edit | Delete
call (319) 338-5451 wait to hear from Mercy Neurology. Heather Linda's demographics and records have arrived240.00Edit | Delete
check with tom maxwell on advanced directive233.00Edit | Delete
sort drawers in michael's bedroom232.00Edit | Delete
use the insider code: A4338 to get first year for $99 call 1-866-257-1401 or www.morningstar.com/try/premium 231.00Edit | Delete
use my reit sheet copy to figure out what the weighted portfolio yield is. Also first update the yield.229.00Edit | Delete
call AMTRAK GUEST REWARDS SERVICE CENTER 1-800-307-5000 5 a.m. midnight, Eastern Time, 7 days a week about no points for trip228.00Edit | Delete
see if I can do a name and address table from a CMS227.00Edit | Delete
test smart tv in basement for watching poolactiontv and golf channel on playstation vue (may have to hook up the other roku)222.00Edit | Delete
check out Bill Streever's book about wind220.00Edit | Delete
look at your hands 212.00Edit | Delete
Stop by chair store for check on price of CoolMesh High Back with Mesh Seat - #7704/7700M at http://www.performancefurnishings.com/contacts209.00Edit | Delete
Stop by Marshalls to look for I purchased a paperdenim&cloth STRETCH Slim Fit Stretch fabric allows a very fitted silhouette. fitted at the waist following down to a narrow leg opening. Style: du9airuna 36/32 Color rune msrp: $72. I got it at Marshalls at the mall for $14208.00Edit | Delete
research dividend investing 205.00Edit | Delete
Make a video on how to use my web tools: MySQL phpMyAdmin Bootstrap PHP Brackets WinSCP 204.00Edit | Delete
listen to Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple201.00Edit | Delete
read recent mail200.00Edit | Delete
watch killing eve watch rocky and Bullwinkle and Patrick melrose on showtime on amazon prime197.00Edit | Delete
Plan Scotland trip191.00Edit | Delete
Ghost stories its a movie or series 185.00Edit | Delete
ask kate where she wants kate@katekane.com forwarded to?182.00Edit | Delete
tell DJ dj@2avecornerpocket.com Forwards to: 2ndavecornerpocket@gmail.com181.00Edit | Delete
find out what zentangle is180.00Edit | Delete
take blood pressure172.00Edit | Delete
send Dr Huffman our power of Attorney papers when they come.171.00Edit | Delete
find the book attachments155.00Edit | Delete
create study plan for world geography 152.00Edit | Delete
watch Sneaky Pete a original (amazon or netflix or something)139.00Edit | Delete
Watch the movie...It could happen to you. Nicolas Cage Bridget Fonda128.00Edit | Delete
delete the photos from my iphone (storage is almost full)126.00Edit | Delete
Research Pterostilbene , Chromadex, NAD+ , Elysium120.00Edit | Delete
find out when to get appointment with skin doctor119.00Edit | Delete
check out the book Jude the Obscure114.00Edit | Delete
Find Gennys babys name and then send an email to grkjohnson@gmail.com to get her current address105.00Edit | Delete
check out https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/ruleof72.asp88.00Edit | Delete
research credit cards, see google doc79.00Edit | Delete