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check with HyVee for info on RSV and flu shot1655.00Done | Edit | Delete
check out moving money to traditional1654.00Done | Edit | Delete
see if we got our rsv shots1653.00Done | Edit | Delete
research best way to clear garden1652.00Done | Edit | Delete
fix hoopla on phone1651.00Done | Edit | Delete
do surge protectors1650.00Done | Edit | Delete
buy wago wire connectors1647.00Done | Edit | Delete
backup pooltapes1642.00Done | Edit | Delete
check on battery in mailbox1641.00Done | Edit | Delete
move pooltapes to a directory on webwalkway1640.00Done | Edit | Delete
explore using different bank to get more interest 1639.00Done | Edit | Delete
look for new hosting site check out https://www.infinityfree.com/1638.00Done | Edit | Delete
check out The Black Angel on 630 Iowa Ave after sept 51634.00Done | Edit | Delete
pay property tax1633.00Done | Edit | Delete
Find out what the MarketSafe CD rates were like last time it was offered from TIAA. 1622.00Done | Edit | Delete
get a better bag for my screw drivers on guest room shoe hanger1619.00Done | Edit | Delete
work on door bell1617.00Done | Edit | Delete
check out ventilation on our facia1608.00Done | Edit | Delete
use white crowbar to move rug under my chair in guestroom so it doesn1607.00Done | Edit | Delete
order c95 masks1606.00Done | Edit | Delete
clean/organize my desk1604.00Done | Edit | Delete
clean/organize my card tables 1603.00Done | Edit | Delete
do stocks1602.00Done | Edit | Delete
office 8 AM-5 PM, Monday - Friday at 319-356-5220.senior center can't log in see notes1599.00Done | Edit | Delete
make fmdlog mobil freindly for my own sake1597.00Done | Edit | Delete
call (800) 851-3379, ext. 28947. • Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. University Alliance 1596.00Done | Edit | Delete
research t-10 construction1595.00Done | Edit | Delete
start the plan of the sci fi adventure novel1594.00Done | Edit | Delete
get trial subscription to morningstar and explore mutual funds available in TIAA and Vanguard1592.00Done | Edit | Delete
lookup actor in Lincoln Lawyer1591.00Done | Edit | Delete
review parking on cruise over phone1590.00Done | Edit | Delete
ask Dan Roach for some materail1589.00Done | Edit | Delete
work on Glenn's monolog1588.00Done | Edit | Delete
calculate what happens overall if I'm getting 5% on fixed and 15% on equities1587.00Done | Edit | Delete
look at tiaa bank option1586.00Done | Edit | Delete
get money from vanguard1584.00Done | Edit | Delete
Work on people hobby sell other bike1581.00Done | Edit | Delete
work on email from Bovada1580.00Done | Edit | Delete
Work on novel1579.00Done | Edit | Delete
filed claim A941375P00 : say for wind and hail damage on May 7th. Get claim#, adjustor contact info, make appt - Josh is available Wed July 12th, 14th, 15th or 16th1578.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://www.dpmag.com/how-to/tip-of-the-week/infrared-with-an-iphone/1577.00Done | Edit | Delete
research getting Ruby a drone with camera1576.00Done | Edit | Delete
research how to wrap pipes 1575.00Done | Edit | Delete
schedule hyundia upgrades1573.00Done | Edit | Delete
Move $210,641.47 from Traditional IRA Money Market (3 sources) to TIAA Money Market Fund Institutional (TCIXX) inside of Iowa Plan1572.00Done | Edit | Delete
find receipt and estimate for cement work1570.00Done | Edit | Delete
Check out TIAA Bank1569.00Done | Edit | Delete
organize guest room1568.00Done | Edit | Delete
think about a sci fi novel1562.00Done | Edit | Delete
research ai writing1558.00Done | Edit | Delete
level stones1557.00Done | Edit | Delete
listein to science friday1555.00Done | Edit | Delete
Try old chromebooks 1553.00Done | Edit | Delete
fix tarp over grill1543.00Done | Edit | Delete
find info on socrates mistrust of writing1540.00Done | Edit | Delete
research exercise for seniors and setup an exercise plan1536.00Done | Edit | Delete
find good book on diet for diabetes and redo fmdlog site1534.00Done | Edit | Delete
clean up my aws so i don't get charged1530.00Done | Edit | Delete
delete old backup records at godaddy1527.00Done | Edit | Delete
my position on the twisted knife is 23% done 1:56 into 6:35 left1515.00Done | Edit | Delete
my position in romantic comedy 6 h 19 m left1514.00Done | Edit | Delete
check with cloud based computing sources1505.00Done | Edit | Delete
Possibly contact Mark Dewaard about new project1504.00Done | Edit | Delete
make sure that the NL membership refund went thru if not check with Shelly Simpson Recreation director 626-57161502.00Done | Edit | Delete
get money out of online betting that I did for mosconi up a couple years ago1500.00Done | Edit | Delete
get together with bill and noel1498.00Done | Edit | Delete
1) finish website 2) Move affordable software solutions to web walk way 1497.00Done | Edit | Delete
Call susan-schuelke@uiowa.edu 6-13321496.00Done | Edit | Delete
get some imams cat food for urninary track1495.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out what's wrong with fmdlog email from feedback page1486.00Done | Edit | Delete
work on business name1485.00Done | Edit | Delete
get a newspaper article about retired IT guys hanging out a shingle1483.00Done | Edit | Delete
put together proof of expenses to 4171479.00Done | Edit | Delete
build a site for the webwalkway business that is off of current webwalkway home page. put old homepage under new page1478.00Done | Edit | Delete
put deer spray out on Friday1477.00Done | Edit | Delete
see how to build a gui interface using the tools I have (bootstrap)1476.00Done | Edit | Delete
research starting a software co and LLc1475.00Done | Edit | Delete
figure out where $1.05 comes from every month apr 6 apple.com/bill 408-974-1010 CA1473.00Done | Edit | Delete
figure out how much we spent so far this month1472.00Done | Edit | Delete
check out nothing much happens1468.00Done | Edit | Delete
create an account at IRS.gov as Jim Smith suggested and see how much tax we've paid so far.1465.00Done | Edit | Delete
work on the marvin image1461.00Done | Edit | Delete
check on doing volunteer work at care centers could pick up Mike & or John and go work there. Also think about own volunteer business. A way to get together without doing bars1460.00Done | Edit | Delete
make a file of all the receipts from 4171458.00Done | Edit | Delete
layout our financial situation in a word doc for Linda with spreadsheet1456.00Done | Edit | Delete
Change vanguard rmd to be 100% fed withholding1453.00Done | Edit | Delete
each month create a new page in the Monthly budget.xlsx file1449.00Done | Edit | Delete
redo yahoo finance to show current stocks1446.00Done | Edit | Delete
show linda advanced audible plus search for authors she likes1445.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://www.coralville.org/946/Fiber-to-Home-Internet case# FOM-19238 call.877.386.38761438.00Done | Edit | Delete
check on rollover 1437.00Done | Edit | Delete
Call Coralville street dept about grass : 319.248.1740 before 3:301436.00Done | Edit | Delete
start with statement closed dec 19 in citi list restaurants and subscriptions and anything else that pops up1434.00Done | Edit | Delete
check APPLE.COM/BILL 866-712-7753 CA $1.05 feb 7th1433.00Done | Edit | Delete
see why futbol tv is $941432.00Done | Edit | Delete
Check edwardskane@gmail.com for cancel status on epidemic sound1430.00Done | Edit | Delete
pay property tax1427.00Done | Edit | Delete
check actual ss payments against the tax form returned from smith1426.00Done | Edit | Delete
call NL rec center to cancel membership1424.00Done | Edit | Delete
clean desk 1423.00Done | Edit | Delete
work on spending log where every penny is accounted for1422.00Done | Edit | Delete
cancel curiosity stream1418.00Done | Edit | Delete
Get all godaddy accounts into budget1416.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out what apple.com tv $1 charge is for1415.00Done | Edit | Delete
check hallmark movies and paramount +1414.00Done | Edit | Delete
Call Linn Co REC find out how to log in and why bills are so high1413.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out how to log into linn co rec1412.00Done | Edit | Delete
create a food log1410.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out where our money is going1408.00Done | Edit | Delete
make out a budget that allows our money to last1407.00Done | Edit | Delete
empty table in guest room1406.00Done | Edit | Delete
empty inbasket in study1405.00Done | Edit | Delete
check linda's mychart for breast density1404.00Done | Edit | Delete
test dell laptop with fab family podcast 1402.00Done | Edit | Delete
write novel podcast1401.00Done | Edit | Delete
find book on compulsive thinking1400.00Done | Edit | Delete
read about fargo system on fargorate site1399.00Done | Edit | Delete
make sure taxes come out of bank account1398.00Done | Edit | Delete
drop off kane's march sticker for license 1393.00Done | Edit | Delete
redo my if john dies notes in webwalkway and copy linda with an email 1391.00Done | Edit | Delete
call (888) 345-5509 see if we're getting 5G now on my phone1384.00Done | Edit | Delete
organize guest room1381.00Done | Edit | Delete
In Vanguard use settlement fund to buy CDs1377.00Done | Edit | Delete
dust in the wind Kerry Ellis1376.00Done | Edit | Delete
buy workout pants that stay up1373.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-adware-popup-ads/#windows1365.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjJ5nX_jM-w1364.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw4CWf-woSo1363.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob8-BY7y9r81362.00Done | Edit | Delete
put in signon to yahoo finance on laptops1356.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSgWTov4Llg julie london part 11333.00Done | Edit | Delete
I watched 100 to 24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgPl51aPlok1320.00Done | Edit | Delete
find Ko brothers video on how to throw the cue1316.00Done | Edit | Delete
see if I can download something like winscp and brackets from the microsoft store1315.00Done | Edit | Delete
learn about widgets1313.00Done | Edit | Delete
get sneak preview of drug plans https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/publications/E-271/E-271.html1307.00Done | Edit | Delete
podcast1301.00Done | Edit | Delete
find best streaming service1288.00Done | Edit | Delete
Ask David about flashing by screened in porch area1271.00Done | Edit | Delete
Work with John and Mike to create a fake podcast about the type of person people want to hear about1267.00Done | Edit | Delete
Organize Michaels Bedroom1266.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://www.iheartbritishtv.com/british-mystery-movies-for-a-dark-stormy-night/1263.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://vf7wtjl0.r.us-west-2.awstrack.me/L0/https:%2F%2Fgoo.gl%2Fmaps%2FbeWsY7NJ6pukGZ5e9/1/01010182a79a271b-f6c47534-6d01-42fd-927c-e78089dd1fbe-000000/o35oyQVhMXWmzF545pmHDTiwkI8=2831261.00Done | Edit | Delete
update znz1254.00Done | Edit | Delete
organize my phone's home screen to put most used first1250.00Done | Edit | Delete
check out: https://www.fubo.tv/channelfinder?postal=52241&plan=fubotv-basic1247.00Done | Edit | Delete
get nail clippers from amazon1245.00Done | Edit | Delete
look up Nate Lashly's wife picture (winner of 2019 Rocket Mortgage)1244.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out how much you paid in taxes for 20211241.00Done | Edit | Delete
check youtube for Fedor Frost one pocket event1238.00Done | Edit | Delete
Medicine for Alcoholic Gastritis 1231.00Done | Edit | Delete
check on Roku for Showtime Digital816-2728107 DE $11.65 Jun 23, 2022 07:21 AMDONE1229.00Done | Edit | Delete
check on Roku for WarnerMedia Glob816-2728107 DE $15.89 On Jun 23, 2022 07:21 AM ETDONE1228.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ6bnt9sTPw 55 min into1227.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out why my backups are not running1224.00Done | Edit | Delete
put latest world nine ball rankings on pooltapes.com1223.00Done | Edit | Delete
should I turn off water softener while watering plants1222.00Done | Edit | Delete
order ball to throw for henry1220.00Done | Edit | Delete
configure new universal remote to work with sound barDONE1219.00Done | Edit | Delete
pick up propranolol1218.00Done | Edit | Delete
check batteries on other alarms, buy new kiddie1217.00Done | Edit | Delete
buy laser level1216.00Done | Edit | Delete
check on all paid tv subscriptions including showtime1210.00Done | Edit | Delete
check hbo max showtime subscriptions 1207.00Done | Edit | Delete
make business cards for old people having gun1206.00Done | Edit | Delete
Write an Ad for craigs list under Talent Gigs. Post all platforms with current podcasts and explain what's needed1205.00Done | Edit | Delete
put out sample email with links to all podcast platforms1203.00Done | Edit | Delete
Advertise for old people having fun interviews1202.00Done | Edit | Delete
research bloated face and sleep1199.00Done | Edit | Delete
cancel peacock tvDONE1194.00Done | Edit | Delete
look up diet cruise1193.00Done | Edit | Delete
Ask Harris boyz for label with their info on it to put on unit1191.00Done | Edit | Delete
call matt on facia and soffit 1185.00Done | Edit | Delete
call 866-598-3693 Farm Bureau health ins for Kane1184.00Done | Edit | Delete
put https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3DJtvuLB9Y&t=622s in manuals for Cannon mb27201183.00Done | Edit | Delete
add a delete button to edit birthdays1182.00Done | Edit | Delete
send out video of Gable Steveson getting mad1177.00Done | Edit | Delete
call wellmark 800-245-6106 about EOB service date 12/2/191169.00Done | Edit | Delete
Put out trailer for podcast and complete the rest of the steps for getting a podcast online1163.00Done | Edit | Delete
see if it's okay to power p4 via usb input (not DC 5v)1153.00Done | Edit | Delete
fix cat toy to stick into something1151.00Done | Edit | Delete
fix threshold board into hot tub room1137.00Done | Edit | Delete
put instructions to turn off ringer in manuals -- press *78 (or press and hold >>) to activate do not disturb or *79 to inactivate (or press and hold >>)1133.00Done | Edit | Delete
listen to Science Friday for 12/31/211103.00Done | Edit | Delete
learn windows 111099.00Done | Edit | Delete
eat at Hotel Millwright In Amana 800 48th Ave, Amana, IA 52203•(319) 838-50151089.00Done | Edit | Delete
new cancer screening blood test https://www.healthline.com/health-news/this-new-test-can-detect-50-types-of-cancer-from-a-single-blood-draw1088.00Done | Edit | Delete
fix trim around pool room door1073.00Done | Edit | Delete
put together a bootstrap page for my new site1066.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=969weYOWZ4E1063.00Done | Edit | Delete
call Billion auto about anti-lock brake recall for my car -- see if I've had it. Also check on knock sensor detection system1055.00Done | Edit | Delete
see if Vanguard will send message to Linda's phone also1054.00Done | Edit | Delete
research birds1052.00Done | Edit | Delete
clear desk1048.00Done | Edit | Delete
work on stool for bedroom1035.00Done | Edit | Delete
Print return labels1033.00Done | Edit | Delete
check on covid 19 antibody test for proof vaccine is working for linda1030.00Done | Edit | Delete
bring sledge hammer to 417 to break up cement bags in basement put in bags, put bag in bucket to carry to car1028.00Done | Edit | Delete
stop my password from being saved at john medicare.gov1015.00Done | Edit | Delete
figure out how bit coin works983.00Done | Edit | Delete
check out 2021 world cup of pool968.00Done | Edit | Delete
put up new spinner955.00Done | Edit | Delete
find small garden cart954.00Done | Edit | Delete
Must rebook American Airlines flight to get credit for $773.80 by Oct 31, 2022923.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWrx9wh-FXA check snowblower and add pam916.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPEouyiEt3Q911.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://acousticalsolutions.com/soundproofing-a-band-rehearsal-space/910.00Done | Edit | Delete
https://ehomerecordingstudio.com/acoustic-treatment-101/909.00Done | Edit | Delete
take George in for urine test858.00Done | Edit | Delete
change Kane's name and gender in our will and have 417 to directly to him854.00Done | Edit | Delete
Look up my hip pain and see if it is bursitis 839.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out if I have the hip images stored somewhere837.00Done | Edit | Delete
use task scheduler to delete all but the last 2 days of the yard surveillance video833.00Done | Edit | Delete
buy belts832.00Done | Edit | Delete
bangs 3 inches sides 2 inches (linda suggests an inch off of both822.00Done | Edit | Delete
fix update of date on Glucose page808.00Done | Edit | Delete
fix time & date on blood glucose page seams like date and timestamp are from different zones.807.00Done | Edit | Delete
order large socs799.00Done | Edit | Delete
Switch my paypal account to say John instead of Linda796.00Done | Edit | Delete
plan vacations for summer/ fall795.00Done | Edit | Delete
add romance to the novel793.00Done | Edit | Delete
go over citi card statement790.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out how ups ships things...follow an item across the country772.00Done | Edit | Delete
find a acupuncture person for Linda767.00Done | Edit | Delete
call small world rhythm clocks at 610-327-6293 can I replace the quartz movements?755.00Done | Edit | Delete
Plan how to build a searchable database of supplies and their locations748.00Done | Edit | Delete
get letter from Dr. Carol Gunnett, MD office that explains her business741.00Done | Edit | Delete
You have a new message at my Social Security. You may log in to your account to view new Message Center items. 740.00Done | Edit | Delete
figure out what's missing in the address database using old backups739.00Done | Edit | Delete
learn yoga734.00Done | Edit | Delete
research and buy vitamins 726.00Done | Edit | Delete
Alex Rider series 722.00Done | Edit | Delete
fix winter strip on bottom of entry door to garage try a plate on the end screw each side721.00Done | Edit | Delete
figure out how to organize and store hardware in garage719.00Done | Edit | Delete
research frequent urination, medication, cancer risk, alternative treatments715.00Done | Edit | Delete
change http://webwalkway.com/mylogs/bd.php page to scroll to todays date and highlight the nearest record709.00Done | Edit | Delete
figure out where to publish my paper701.00Done | Edit | Delete
redo file drawer689.00Done | Edit | Delete
research eye drops -- which should i take sustane or refresh (linda has refresh plus lubricant) find one individually packed669.00Done | Edit | Delete
see if event alerts will post every year if date is in future (they should not)655.00Done | Edit | Delete
battery powered lights for reading643.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out if you can use a shortcut to get to a domain sub page for jim jetter640.00Done | Edit | Delete
check out https://getimemories.io/634.00Done | Edit | Delete
test living room chair631.00Done | Edit | Delete
research blood draw from arm vein vs finger tip614.00Done | Edit | Delete
Organize my books610.00Done | Edit | Delete
read new diabetes book602.00Done | Edit | Delete
create a diabetes web site like the fmd that tracks sugar and carbs591.00Done | Edit | Delete
check out get rid of printer email585.00Done | Edit | Delete
Learn constellations 579.00Done | Edit | Delete
watch ABC murders; Odeal by inocence ;Zen BBC1;Broad church and Shetland and Call the Midwife; watch rocky and Bullwinkle and Patrick melrose on showtime or amazon prime; the show on my shirt552.00Done | Edit | Delete
Write!536.00Done | Edit | Delete
draw all major continents and countries of the world532.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out how top tracer works531.00Done | Edit | Delete
experiment with typing on the laptop while sitting on the ball529.00Done | Edit | Delete
buy course on bootstrap or a book486.00Done | Edit | Delete
figure Michael's cell bill and tell him to cash out most of the $3,111.25 in https://www.sportsbook.ag/ 397.00Done | Edit | Delete
youtube fixing drooping hose in sink379.00Done | Edit | Delete
check on putting a clickable url on this page and notes and logs370.00Done | Edit | Delete
find a not monitored medical alert system368.00Done | Edit | Delete
learn instagram362.00Done | Edit | Delete
learn facebook361.00Done | Edit | Delete
learn how to tweet 360.00Done | Edit | Delete
catalog my books in library thing0340.00Done | Edit | Delete
change email on feedback forms to edwardskane0323.00Done | Edit | Delete
read all systems red0316.00Done | Edit | Delete
watch world series of pool match between jason shaw and chris melling0274.00Done | Edit | Delete
read No Exit by Taylor Adams0248.00Done | Edit | Delete
look at your hands 0212.00Done | Edit | Delete
Stop by Marshalls to look for I purchased a paperdenim&cloth STRETCH Slim Fit Stretch fabric allows a very fitted silhouette. fitted at the waist following down to a narrow leg opening. Style: du9airuna 36/32 Color rune msrp: $72. I got it at Marshalls at the mall for $140208.00Done | Edit | Delete
Make a video on how to use my web tools: MySQL phpMyAdmin Bootstrap PHP Brackets WinSCP 0204.00Done | Edit | Delete
Watch the movie...It could happen to you. Nicolas Cage Bridget Fonda0128.00Done | Edit | Delete