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Call Ty Cycles and change the reservations to both Sat and Sun 14th & 15th and have the bikes delivered. Check if we have to be there for the drop off and delivery and how they handle the locks. Let them know we check in Friday after noon and out Monday at 10452.00Done | Edit | Delete
make closer for greenhouse door; 451.00Done | Edit | Delete
after returning from England if our coverage is not as good as it was get an ATT sim card from target and replace the mobil441.00Done | Edit | Delete
After the tmobil cards are inserted and about 2 weeks before the trip call us cellular to have international roaming activated440.00Done | Edit | Delete
In England we need a T Mobil card which we can get from Target for $10 for both phones. We will be reimbursed for it.432.00Done | Edit | Delete
check batteries in smoke alarms401.00Done | Edit | Delete
find places to bike 398.00Done | Edit | Delete
figure Michael's cell bill and tell him to cash out most of the $3,111.25 in https://www.sportsbook.ag/ 397.00Done | Edit | Delete
Watch Broad church and Shetland British shows396.00Done | Edit | Delete
write first comedy script for series390.00Done | Edit | Delete
send https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8_2hPjljag to john m388.00Done | Edit | Delete
look up dash diet on nbc facebook page386.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out what citi card 3.17 charge is Jan. 27, 2019 JOHN C KANE Pending* Prime Video 888-802-3080 US Collapse Details Additional Details Category: DIGITAL GOODS- MULTI-CATEGORY Reference Number: 0788c039-3cf6-48d1-9621-f854845541b7 Card Member: JOHN C KANE Dispute ChargeRemind me when this postsPrint $ 3.17 381.00Done | Edit | Delete
read linda's email on best cruise and research options for a fall cruise380.00Done | Edit | Delete
youtube fixing drooping hose in sink379.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out what is going to happen in England with the brexit and prime minister377.00Done | Edit | Delete
Figure out new project375.00Done | Edit | Delete
work on Linda's pc move to cloud371.00Done | Edit | Delete
check on putting a clickable url on this page and notes and logs370.00Done | Edit | Delete
find a not monitored medical alert system368.00Done | Edit | Delete
find out why medicare preventive services shows no services for me when i should have at least a yearly preventive visit 367.00Done | Edit | Delete
learn instagram362.00Done | Edit | Delete
learn facebook361.00Done | Edit | Delete
learn how to tweet 360.00Done | Edit | Delete
Call Hyundai and have them perform a software update to the ECU on my car (have the KSDS software installed) (319) 359-69030348.00Done | Edit | Delete
catalog my books in library thing0340.00Done | Edit | Delete
change fmd to not time out see: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/520237/how-do-i-expire-a-php-session-after-30-minutes/1270960#12709600339.00Done | Edit | Delete
you are currently 1/3 way down on page 4 viewing all taking 50 at a time 4.95 audible special0335.00Done | Edit | Delete
forward to katekaneenterprises@gmail.com from kate@katekane.com0334.00Done | Edit | Delete
change email on feedback forms to edwardskane0323.00Done | Edit | Delete
read all systems red0316.00Done | Edit | Delete
secure trailer license plate0309.00Done | Edit | Delete
delete personal capital account0305.01Done | Edit | Delete
Put together comedy skits on YouTube. Use Servo Madsen Marmet Others0302.01Done | Edit | Delete
watch world series of pool match between jason shaw and chris melling0274.00Done | Edit | Delete
world pool series facebook page. Match at 12 noon, 2:30, and at 6 , 9 pm last0271.00Done | Edit | Delete
stretch0265.00Done | Edit | Delete
email: https://article.everquote.com/?tid=9&subid=350466466&creativeid=34215413507&s1=0&s2=23456&h1=startup&h2=do_this&dt=dup&c1=1&auuid=a2743aae-e369-4853-9d36-42c324968072&utm_medium=FINANCE_US0264.00Done | Edit | Delete
read No Exit by Taylor Adams0248.00Done | Edit | Delete
connect second gosund plug (move desk lamp to porch)0244.00Done | Edit | Delete
sort drawers in michael's bedroom0232.00Done | Edit | Delete
look at your hands 0212.00Done | Edit | Delete
Stop by Marshalls to look for I purchased a paperdenim&cloth STRETCH Slim Fit Stretch fabric allows a very fitted silhouette. fitted at the waist following down to a narrow leg opening. Style: du9airuna 36/32 Color rune msrp: $72. I got it at Marshalls at the mall for $140208.00Done | Edit | Delete
Make a video on how to use my web tools: MySQL phpMyAdmin Bootstrap PHP Brackets WinSCP 0204.00Done | Edit | Delete
watch killing eve watch rocky and Bullwinkle and Patrick melrose on showtime on amazon prime0197.00Done | Edit | Delete
ask kate where she wants kate@katekane.com forwarded to?0182.00Done | Edit | Delete
tell DJ dj@2avecornerpocket.com Forwards to: 2ndavecornerpocket@gmail.com0181.00Done | Edit | Delete
create study plan for world geography 0152.00Done | Edit | Delete
Watch the movie...It could happen to you. Nicolas Cage Bridget Fonda0128.00Done | Edit | Delete
research credit cards, see google doc079.00Done | Edit | Delete