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check out lindas wellmark statement31.00Edit | Delete
day trader training kit: https://adclick.g.doubleclick.net/pcs/click?xai=AKAOjsvgr34CdfP7edPfxojKw4j6tsmShFPbaU7ZiNUsmdafLuJQMYdZHvssuoevvKKVMB2VO-D_7AG9w0pG9yeGtkLT1efRjJpgKVn7vhSIcm0QyYRuQZa6hL0zMeYHNiAKw3_qjxPtFy2OAWxYlCNyxqN1JaGQHF4pDwCZ3lCY9FJzPxvP3aipT9jjgkV_gxEA_Cfc4klX_txmPTiBpptyYFengrZ0kdE9U3umx4Tob1iOBFdyszPzg4WDoikRidbPbGiKSozZZY-YK4Ef_69skLuQSzojEQetiJU&sig=Cg0ArKJSzAI3m7fRHLBhEAE&urlfix=1&adurl=https://academy.investopedia.com/products/become-a-day-trader?aca_ref=dfp-529806414-13820775254630.00Edit | Delete
download best of everly brothers for linda ipod29.00Edit | Delete
check hot tub28.00Edit | Delete
move 190K from Ameritas to TIAA27.00Edit | Delete
find out what the bonds i am in have been doing for the last 10 years26.00Edit | Delete
I am 18 minutes into daves video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjbwWivYabU25.00Edit | Delete
hear back from Ali Ardehali 303.626.5862 about enrolling in Group Supplemental Retirement Annuities 24.00Edit | Delete
move all seldom used icons to a folder on iphone23.00Edit | Delete
put this in manuals https://www.homedepot.com/catalog/pdfImages/a3/a3c4898b-3c77-46ad-8831-96b3c247ae4e.pdf22.00Edit | Delete
create a birthday page20.00Edit | Delete
check out rates for morningstar subscription compare it to others and check out morning star basic19.00Edit | Delete
Call American Funds (800) 421-4225 to check to see if they reimburse if someone get unauthorized access and removes funds from Lindas account16.00Edit | Delete
download the free spreadsheet from doughroller and check it out15.00Edit | Delete
check www.express-scriptsmedicare.com or call 800-758-4574 conf#09095547977884 after Jan 1st to setup auto pay and get card14.00Edit | Delete
go to https://online.citi.com/costcosetup to setup costco cards to be able to see account online13.00Edit | Delete
Research Franklin Square https://www.fsinvestments.com/12.00Edit | Delete
research 3 and 4 fund options see stocks doc for link9.00Edit | Delete
keep this screen here after pushing add button4.00Edit | Delete
is our universe finite or infinite http://www.universetoday.com/119553/is-the-universe-finite-or-infinite/3.00Edit | Delete
house at riverton; the stockholm octavo2.00Edit | Delete