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looks like we pay Jason .7% of our principle on TIAA, ask him what we pay him on our other funds292.00Edit | Delete
call number for sleep program from voicemail 356-3813291.00Edit | Delete
weed wack290.00Edit | Delete
check out the king and I, and motown at hancher also check out coralvilles theater schedule286.00Edit | Delete
check out this video for back exercises https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_1047546525&feature=iv&src_vid=cTo1eAZXNKk&v=l7tS_jK_VtM285.00Edit | Delete
trim bushes284.00Edit | Delete
walk for 20 min281.00Edit | Delete
do stretches280.00Edit | Delete
fix the add on this screen275.00Edit | Delete
fix car so ipod plays thru radio268.00Edit | Delete
find out about infinite universe for Dave question267.00Edit | Delete
check on river cruise260.00Edit | Delete
find out why take niagen in morning245.00Edit | Delete
find out what my earliest measure of PSA was242.00Edit | Delete
check out the power house politics podcast abc240.00Edit | Delete
find why find iphone not working238.00Edit | Delete
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27230286 236.00Edit | Delete
clean my desk231.00Edit | Delete
work on new programming task or new use for VR or AI224.00Edit | Delete
work on next hobby check on AI, Augmented Reality, mixed reality, Virtual Reality221.00Edit | Delete
test free calendar on web site for whichtime calendar218.00Edit | Delete
find out best plan at godaddy for mark217.00Edit | Delete
look for expensive ocean front property in Savana205.00Edit | Delete
streetsbooro OH 12/7/13 finished number 5 adam smith vs jason drahos201.00Edit | Delete
research the idea of we are always traveling at the speed of light. Like racing across a football field and one person goes off to the left it will take them longer200.00Edit | Delete
watch the nova show The Great Math mystery197.00Edit | Delete
come up with a list of names for life after 62192.00Edit | Delete
look up extreme pool challenge . com189.00Edit | Delete
reorganize my dresser183.00Edit | Delete
begin post on we only live for the instant on my startheretoday site182.00Edit | Delete
keep this screen here after pushing add button177.00Edit | Delete
fix adding email field from add screen on webwalkway175.00Edit | Delete
Read Journey thru britain -- the secret keeper -- amazing harvey -- Kimdom by the sea -- if i could turn back time by Beth Harbison169.00Edit | Delete
add a page for books I want to read (from Lindas list mainly)162.00Edit | Delete
http://jsfiddle.net/Sohnee/EMaDB/1/ -- great way to get a two column layout152.00Edit | Delete
figure out how to get stock data automatically149.00Edit | Delete
learn how to put a link to my site on my youtube videos and how to do annotations 145.00Edit | Delete
create a button to backup all of the tables used on our site136.00Edit | Delete
put in a web page for movies that we want to see or are in the process of watching a series of126.00Edit | Delete
screenlplay125.00Edit | Delete
done with the ultimte formula on curiosity stream 1.00Edit | Delete
1 h 53 m left tomorrow land1.00Edit | Delete
read abbys blog https://abbyfromiowa.wordpress.com/blog-posts0.90Edit | Delete
figure out where to put my new books0.40Edit | Delete
work on book0.10Edit | Delete
is our universe finite or infinite http://www.universetoday.com/119553/is-the-universe-finite-or-infinite/0.10Edit | Delete